Say Hello. Wave Goodbye…

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye. The new website is coming.

The new website is coming...

All good things must come to and end. And at the end of October 2016 the present, long-standing current website here is coming to its end with special thanks to Mark Bailey and his team over this time, to be replaced with a brand spanking new website!!!

All content here is still just about up to date and has already been ported to the new site ready for its release over Halloween Weekend. Spooky!!!

Please see the main news story here for more details - and do visit the club contacts page if you need to contact anyone at Vectis Rugby Club about joining the club or the epic Vectis Mini Rugby Festival, April 23rd 2017.

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The new website is launching Halloween 2016. Spooky!!!

By Colin Hiom

Get onboard now!

Vectis Rugby Club has invested a lot of time and energy developing the new site, based on the Pitchero club management system - which brings some amazing new features to all club members from parents and guardians to players, team managers and coaches, not to mention the public and our lovely sponsors too.

Early access to the new site is already available through our new phone app too! That’s right. You can already access the new features and take a sneak peak while we polish off the content and team data before the Halloween weekend.

Get Online. Download the app now!

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Coach and Referee development opertunities

By Site Admin

RFU courses on the Isle of Wight.

Refereeing Children   26th October 2016

Rugby Ready         18th October 2016

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